Michael Thomson, D.V.M., PhD

Dr. Thomson was born near Niagara Falls, NY but has lived the majority of his life in north central Florida until he joined Animal Medical Clinic in 2003 and moved to Melbourne.

I became a DVM because I always had an interest in medicine and science, and when I coupled that with my love of animals it seemed like a perfect fit.

I always had the intention of becoming a veterinarian or working with animals in some way. So, in college, I majored in Zoology at the University of Florida thinking that if I was not accepted to vet school, I could work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission or one of the zoos in Florida. I then took a bit of a winding path back to vet school. As fate would have it, I was not accepted to vet school upon my first application, so I decided to go to graduate school instead.

I had developed an interest in biochemistry and molecular biology while I was an undergraduate and decided to pursue a Ph.D. in that field through the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. Nearing the end of my Ph.D. studies, I was considering pursuing a career with a pharmaceutical company, but would never forgive myself if I didn’t reapply to vet school, which was still my real passion. I applied again and was accepted to both Auburn University and the University of Florida and decided to stay in my home state of Florida to obtain my DVM degree. Upon graduation in 2003, I joined the Animal Medical Clinic and have been here ever since.

Michael Thomson, DVM, PhD
Michael Thomson, DVM, PhD
Animal Medical Clinic in Palm Bay. Photo by Chris Kridler, ChrisKridler.com

I have a special interest in small animal internal medicine, ultrasound, and cardiology.

I have four young children, three boys and one girl whose names are Cooper, Caden, Savannah, and Gavin. They keep me pretty busy outside the practice with their school activities, swim lessons, and soccer. My wife, Megan, and I were married just before I joined the practice in 2003. She is an elementary school teacher, but currently is staying home to raise our family.

I currently have just one cat, Charlie, and one dog, Cali. Charlie is my elderly cat and really enjoys spending time with the family and the dog. Cali is an Australian Shepherd with a lot of energy and never says no to playing Frisbee in the backyard or playing with the other neighborhood kids. She has been a great addition to our family and the kids really enjoy playing hide-and-seek with her.

Dr. Thomson is the past treasurer of the Brevard County Veterinary Medical Association.